Lead Glass


For medical Industrial And Laboratary Use

Isotope – lite is a special glazing system that combines the high light transmittance and excellent radiation shielding capability into one single glazing assembly. It consists of premium quality lead glass mounted in a metallic frame.


The glass used is high quality optical glass with high lead and barium content. The rich heavy metal content give the glass a tint of champagne gold. The glass is polished to achieve optical grade which allows very high light transmittance.

The glass surfaces much be protected by layers of acid free tissue and brown paper wrapping. The glass must be free of inclusions or striae that will adversely affect the purpose for which the glass is intended to be used.
Maximum size: 1200mm x 2600mm.


The framing must offer shielding effect to radiation compatible to the glass. The whole frame assembly must be protected by specialized Isotop–lite lead/barium glazing plate. The plate will prevent leakage of radiation. The sealant used is neutral type which will not cause harms to the Glass coating.

There much be minimum glass and glazing plate overlapping of 15mm.Any bite less than 15mm will allow strayed radition.


  • Viewing windows and insulating glazing for X-ray rooms.
  • Screen for medical diagnostics.
  • Protection windows in laboratories.
  • Airport security X-ray screen.
  • X-ray TV room and CT scanning room.
  • Angiography room.
  • Glove box.
  • Nuclear power industries.


  1. BS 4031 – Shielding Resistance
  2. JIS 24501 – Glass for Radioactive Screen
  3. NRPB 9306 – Calibration Report by National Radiological Protection Board


  1. Isotope – lite shall not be used in atmosphere filled with acid gases and excessive humidity. It shall not be glazed with sealant which is acidic or alkalis. Edges shall be ground and finished with safety bevel. Any chipping of the glass may cause the loss of its effect against radiation. Any cleaning and detergent used shall be neutral type.




Lead Glass | Bumisinaran
Lead Glass | Bumisinaran
Lead Glass | Bumisinaran

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