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We at BumiSinaran are expert in protecting your workplace enviroment from viruses and harmful bacteria are not visible to the naked eye, but can cause harm to humans.

Radiation is something around us all the time in terms of waves, and can affect us humans. More so, if the radiation ionize radiation that is widely used in industrial processes and medical practice., They can be a significant health hazard to humans; causing much microscopic damage to living tissues. Even at low exposures , in an unprotected environment , these can cause serious skin burns and radiation sicknesses , known as “tissue” or “deterministic” effects- where it has been statistically proven to elevate the risks of cancer , known as “stochastic effect”. The usage of medical imaging in the healthcare is constantly growing as this is a normal practice to screen and detect diseases earlier for more effective treatment. When its usage is expanded beyond the field of diagnostics and crossing into areas of prevention and therapy- it can pose a significant threat to human lives ,be it radiation protection professionals or patients who undergo diagnostic and interventional radiology.

BumiSinaran is confident in serving and fulfilling your unique needs like other company can to ensure that your surrounding area well protected against all these malicious radiation exposure. With this passionate purpose in mind , BumiSinaran’s team of highly trained , qualified and skillful professionals are purposefully designing , developing and testing radiation protection products & solutions to to our clients.
We are the leading innovator of high requirement medical and industrial application that provides comprehensive shielding & safety by our products and services using advanced integrated technologies.