Lead Lined Door


Lead-lined doors and frames prevent the transmission of radiation. They are commonly specified for x-ray protection in clinics, hospitals, imaging centers, veterinary offices and other healthcare environments. They are also used for radiation shielding in buildings where security is a concern, such as aerospace, airports and defense environments. 

Lead-lined hollow metal doors and metal sliding doors provide protection against harmful radiation, and other options to address potential fire hazards and forced entry or ballistic threats. Advanced engineering platforms allow for lead-lined hollow metal doors to be combined with numerous fire ratings and provide high radiation protection to form a hollow metal door and window frame that maintain several types of protective or resistive functionalities.

At BumiSinaran we can produce lead-lined hollow metal doors and lead-lined window frames that provide the x-ray and radiation protection that your clients, customers, and employees require. Our experienced engineers can also develop lead-lined metal sliding doors that provide high radiation protection. 

BumiSinaran lead lined hollow metal doors are manufactured from galvanized steel in 18, 16, and 14 gauge ASTM A527 formed steel, with Coating Classification ZF001. Our lead-lined steel and radiation-shielded doors are available non-rated, or with up to 90-minute fire ratings. They are UL listed for fire resistance and meet UL IOC and UBC 7-2-1997 positive pressure test requirements part I and II, additional features include:

Automatic Motorised Lead Lined Door


  • 15 standard lead shielding thicknesses
  • Doors are available up to 90-minute fire ratings
    Available with lead-lined vision frames and Fire Rated Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s) with x-ray safety glass and required UL fire resistance labeling and meeting Impact Resistance to ANSI Z.97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat II standards as required per IBC 2406.
  • A primer finish is standard
  • Optional plastic laminate applied to faces only
  • Lead Lined door kits are available for your hollow metal frames
  • Lead lined hollow metal welded door frames are available only with a door purchase

Radiation Shielding

Lead lined hollow metal doors provide practical protection against harmful x-rays and radiation, while also serving as entrances and exit points.

  • Features lead sheets, available in 1/32″ to 1/4″ thickness, integrated into door and frame for strength and vandal resistance Vertically steel stiffened doors for added strength and durability Standard 1-3/4″ thick doors accommodate standard hardware Continuously welded, seamless door edge and lead-lined frame Standard 16 gauge steel; 14-18 gauge available Wood doors available with 1/32” – 1/8” lead thicknesses Sound ratings, RF Shielding and Stainless steel options available Literature Lead Lined Promotional Sheet Lead Lined Infographic Cut Sheets Lead Lined Cut Sheet – PDF Lead Lined Cut Sheet – DWG
  • Standard Lead Lined Door Frame Radiation Protection Products’ Standard Lead Lined Door Frames consist of 16-gauge steel, a 2″ face, and a 5-7/8″ jamb depth.
  • These lead-lined door frames are set up and welded and can accommodate up to 1/2″ thick lead lining.
  • Our Lead Lined Door Frames are shipped with steel stud anchors that can be attached to the lead-lined door frame either by welding or with steel fasteners if the lead lining does not exceed 3/32″ thick.


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